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Thursday, March 8, 2018


Recently a friend  suggested that I start reading Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grants book Option B. Being that I was in the mood to get back into reading, I went out to my local bookstore and bought it right away. By the fourth page of the introduction I was in tears, and I knew that this book was going to  change me, and profoundly change the way I look at certain events in my life. While the book is written by both authors, it is told from the perspective of Sandberg, after the sudden passing of her husband. Option B is about the capacity of the human spirit to persevere.  Because so much of what I'm reading has touched on issues and grief I still have in relation to my grandmothers passing, I thought I would document my thoughts and feelings on the blog, going chapter by chapter.  

Just like Sheryl Sandberg Introduced you to the cause of her grief in the book, I wanted to do the same on here... 

On May 5, 2011 Bernadine Joseph passed away after a valiant 32 years long battle against kidney disease. She was my grandmother. She was also my best friend. 45 minutes before she passed away my cousins and I walked into her room,arms linked, prepared to say our final goodbyes. As I entered the room I couldn’t believe the amount of machinery it was taking to keep my grandmother alive. Taking it all in, I instantly felt absolutely nothing. And by nothing I don’t meant that I wasn’t completely devastated and heartbroken, because I was.  The nothingness came in the form of feeling nothing, it was like every part of my soul had died, in preparation for the inevitable. I remember watching my cousin say her final goodbyes. She walked towards my grandmother sobbing hugged her tight, and whispered a final message in her ear. 

As I walked towards her, I willed myself to say something meaningful to her, for the last time but couldn’t muster a single thought, so I walked up and simply kissed her goodbye. The inevitable eventually came  at 10:46 pm, that was the exact moment that Bernadine Joseph took her last breath, that was the moment I started to grieve. 


Wednesday, September 13, 2017


I wrote the following blog post a few months ago, but was too scared to post it at the time ! When I logged on to my blogger account today and read the words I had written, I felt so inspired to do what makes me happy and be who I truly am! The role of motherhood has consumed so much of my life these past 15 months, so much so, that I had forgotten who I was and the importance of taking care of myself! With a cup of tea in hand, a cookie waiting near by, and some quiet time, today I realized taking care of myself IS part of being a good mother. If I don't take care of my self and make sure I'm mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy then I can't be the mother, my sweet baby girl deserves. My hope going forward is that I can begin to show myself the love and care that I rightfully deserve in order to raise a strong, independent, and brave young woman, the woman I know little miss Mieke is destined to be.

That being said, here is that post from 


Today was one of the most life changing days of my life! Today was the day when I realized that I would no longer live a life where I could not voice my opinions, feelings, or be my own person. Sometimes I think people decide to stay in certain situations because they have no other choice. But that simply is not true! You always have a choice!!  and while those choices may not always be the easiest, sometimes the hardest decisions we have to make in life are the decisions that are going to benefit us the most in the long run. 

The moment I made the choice, to start living a life that both myself and my daughter could be proud of, I felt freedom for the first time in my life! Never let someone steal your voice or make you feel guilty for living the life you want to live. Do what you feel in your heart is right, and believe that some how some way.... in the end everything will be alright.


Monday, September 19, 2016


Bohemian Fashion
If you love 60's and 70's fashion then this past year, you've basically been a kid in a candy store. From flowing fabrics, paisley prints, and wide legged pants, 60's and 70's inspired fashion has been everywhere. I really love the 60's/70's bohemian vibes this dress from Forever 21 gives off, as soon as a saw it in the store, I knew I was going to be bringing this baby home with me. I loved the bold colour with the paisley print, and the flowing fabric is perfect for me as a new mom, learning to appreciate a new body.

60's/70's fashion trend

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Though i wore this dress in the summer, I would pair it with a leather jacket and
 some booties and I could bring this dress right into Fall.

Are you loving the 60s/70s fashion trend right now? 
Share your thoughts and style tips below!!

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